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what’s next, Hayami Mokomichi?

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News reveal that Japanese actor Hayami Mokomichi will be starring in a drama by NTV this coming fall. Though the show is still untitled yet, it is said that Hayami will challenge the papa role.

Hayami who just acted in the recent popular dorama “Zettai Kareshi”, winning the hearts of many girls with his pure robotic love and ikemen-standard look, this coming drama and character that he’s going to take on is deemed to be rather refreshing?

In this new drama, Hayami plays the role of Kotaro Yamashita, an aspiring young novelist working part-time at a publishing company. He leads the life of a poor bachelor, but along the way he got stuck with 6-year-old An, an impatient but gifted child actress, forcing him to take the role of a fatherly figure. Rosa Kato has been cast as An’s manager in the show.

See our Zettai Kareshi transform into Zettai Otousan? =p

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August 19, 2008 at 3:03 am

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