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barbie’s new love

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Taiwanese female celebrity Barbie Hsu has a new guy in her life – Peter Ho! It was said the couple has been together for the past month, after Peter’s aggresive courtship for the past half year.

During a media interview with Peter in May, he did mention that he had carried the torch for Barbie since three years ago when they acted in a drama together, citing that he had a good impression of the girl and that she was remarkably different. (Then what about the rumour of Peter Ho and Jang Na Ra?? =p)

However when the media approached Barbie’s and Peter’s company managers as well as Barbie’s celebrity sister, all of them expressed ignorance about the couple’s courtship.

Now let the world mourn over the loss of another single cool male celebrity to gush over. -.-

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September 10, 2008 at 12:40 am

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