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jay chou in sci-fi serial

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Sorry guys if this news is already outdated for a few weeks, just kinda excited to hear some news on Jay Chou!

News have revealed that Jay Chou is set to produce, direct and act in a 20-episode sci-fi TV series titled “Xiong Mao Xia” which can be translated to Panda Man. Members of Taiwanese group Nan Quan Ma Ma who are close friends of Jay will be cast as the leading roles. Expected guest stars include ex-f4 member Jerry Yen, S.H.E and Zhou Xun.

However, no exact schedule has been cast to stone.

But coming from a talented member of the showbiz industry, it’s definitely something worth looking forward to. (:

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January 19, 2009 at 11:53 am

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kwon sang woo daddy-to-be soon!

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Korean celebrity Kwon Sang Woo who had a shotgun marriage with Son Tae-Yeong is expecting the baby to arrive on 28th next month. This delivery date has been revealed by the mother herself. In her interview with the press lately, it is also known that Son Tae-Yeong had suffered from mild depressions during her term of pregnancy.

Since news of this couple coming together in marriage were out last September, the lady has been receiving negative comments from the online community. She had stayed in Australia a while ago during the stabilising period of her pregnancy and had been alone since Kwon Sang Woo had to return to Korea for work reasons. These were said to have contributed to her slight depression.

But thank goodness, the prospect of being a mummy really soon has made this woman a more courageous and cheerful one indeed. And we look forward to the couple being a proud pair of parents.

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January 19, 2009 at 1:22 am

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undies woe

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News have reported that Taiwanese celebrity Rainie Yang had revealed shocking news that she had worn Wilber Pan‘s undies before! Both Rainie and Wilber were co-stars in drama “Miss No Good” or 不良笑花 where they shared some on-screen chemistry.

It was mentioned that this incident had happened during the filming of the drama, when the girl had to act out a scene in which she fell unglamly on the ground. To prevent embarassment, she was in urgent need of a pair of shorts and the seemingly only pair to save the day was Wilber’s boxers shorts!

However, Rainie did deny any off-screen chemistry with the guy. Aww.

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January 19, 2009 at 1:05 am

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