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Ai Kago: no new boyfriend?

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Japanese magazine FRIDAY had an article reporting that Ai Kago has a new boyfriend! Pictures of Kago and her alleged boyfriend, actor Hidejiro Mizumoto, at a yakiniku restaurant were published. She was also seen entering an apartment with him.

Despite such suggestive evidence, Kago’s management has denied all rumours, stating that the female star is not dating anyone. Kago also addressed the issue on her personal blog, apologising for the trouble caused by the rumours.

Kago and Mizumoto have worked together in the upcoming movie “Benten-dori no Hitobito”.

However, Kago did mention that before her comeback, she often sought advice from this psychic Yoshiko Shimo who happened to be Mizumoto’s mother. Sometimes when Shimo was unavailable, Mizumoto was the one attending to her.

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January 31, 2009 at 2:21 am

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