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oguri shun! a movie director at last (;

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Hey dearies, my bad for leaving this place for quite some while! been busy, been distracted, well you name it.

Anyway, what’s the best way to clear the dust of this blog other than starting it off again with Oguri Shun! ((:

News from revealed that Oguri Shun is finally going to be a first-time movie director! (well, talented guys in showbiz should really utilise their talents man)

Of course, while we all know that actors becoming directors are no biggie, but give some credit to this guy who is afterall still in his twenties (26+ in fact)! No official title to the movie yet, but there’s speculations that it might be named “Surely Someday”.

The star is currently overseas for work, and is said to be starting his directing work this summer. The film is rumoured to be a story of adolescence that will feature a cast of handsome actors! (ikemen =p) It will be cool to see Oguri’s group of handsome friends in the entertainment circle being his cast, I’m crossing my fingers haha. Anyway, news also mentioned that Oguri Shun was able to get this directing project rolling with the help of producer Mataichiro Yamamoto who heads his management agency, Tristone, and also Oguri Senior, Tetsuya Oguri, a stage director.

This film is expected to hit the theatres next year.

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June 6, 2009 at 1:01 am

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