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horikita maki’s new dorama

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Japanese rising star Horikita Maki will take on a very different role from her usuals for her next upcoming dorama (: This Fuji TV series is yet untitled but it is mentioned in Tokyograph that she will be acting as a homeless person.

As quoted by Tokyograph, “In the drama, Horikita’s character is burdened with 100 million yen worth of debt after her gambling father disappears. Chased out of her home by collectors, she is forced to sleep in places like internet cafes. However, she meets the president of a major company who offers to pay off the debt if she marries him, and she soon finds herself moving in with a rather eccentric family.”

This show will start its run in Japan in April this year.

Is it gonna be the typical poor-girl-meets-rich-guy type of show? But since the male lead is said to come from a rich and eccentric family, perhaps things might be a tad more interesting. 😉

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February 22, 2009 at 12:15 am

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Horikita Maki’s Innocent Love

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Horikita Maki has landed herself another lead drama role, starring in a romance drama tentatively titled “Innocent Love”. This drama is a Fuji TV production and is scheduled to air during the Monday night time slot this fall, premiering in October.

This drama is based on original work written by Taeko Asano, who also wrote “Last Friends” which turned out to be a hit this spring. Innocent Love, another hit? Maybe.(:

The story centers around the tragic heroine Kanon Akiyama (Horikita). As a child, she lost both her parents to a murderer, and her older brother was arrested as the prime suspect. Shunned by her town as the sister of a killer, she heads to Tokyo and picks up a job as a housecleaner. There, she has a fateful encounter with a man, but the road to romance is fraught with difficulty.

Horikita is starring in Fuji TV’s key time slot for the first time for this dorama. Maybe expectations have gone up after her popularity shot up after acting as Ashiya Mizuki in Hana Kimi last year alongside Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma. But I’m sure this rising star will also rise up to the occasion.

Go Maki-chan!

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August 20, 2008 at 4:28 pm

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Horikita Maki plays 10 characters in commercial

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(Horikita MakiMainichi Japan)

Recently famous female actress Horikita Maki attended a press conference at Tokyo for the new TV commercial for DoCoMo’s mobile phones, on Thursday. In all, she changed into 10 different outfits to complement the 10 models of DoCoMo’s mobiles, playing ten different characters to emphasise the uniqueness of the phone models.

Interesting marketing, and at the same time reveals Horikita’s ability to assume different characters. something which I think artistes in this over-booming entertainment industry are increasingly lacking.

Guess Horikita is slowly moving out of her image of a high school girl, and soon the world will be seeing an evolved and matured young woman in Horikita. Looking forward to seeing her in more breakthrough roles in future doramas. (:

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June 1, 2008 at 2:27 am

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