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Morita Power (:

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Was just reminded that the Taiwanese version of Honey and Clover is going to premiere in Taiwan on 25th May. Hachikuro is one of my favourite anime series, season 1 and season 2 got me hooked totally, and subsequently got me to watch the movie and then the Japanese drama rendition of it. Personal favourite is still the anime, and yeah favourite character is still morita shinobu san! <33

Just got the urge to introduce all the Morita(s)  (: HAHA.

anime morita

from the anime, the chibi version rocks totally in season 2..


yusuke iseya as morita in H&C idea why but he looks like matsumoto jun in here…


hiroki narimiya as morita for the recent dorama (:

eddie peng as morita, hahahah i think he’s the cutest morita. wacky =p

So perhaps, the TW version has captured my heart via eddie peng haha, but whether it will rise in my cruel ranking of Hachikuro, and whether it can be compared to the anime seasons, we’ll check it out when the show airs in Taiwan.

Written by bumblebeeee

May 13, 2008 at 11:52 pm